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i'm lovin' these critters

Picture attributed to: Hedwig Storch
Name: Tierpark Chemnitz - Südliches Kugelgürteltier-8556
What it is: Tierpark Chemnitz: Southern three-banded armadillo
License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Picture attributed to: Original: cliff1066™
Name: Pink Fairy Armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus) (cropped)
What it is: Pink fairy armadillos (or pichiciegos) are found in the warm sandy plains of Argentina. These armadillos prefer to burrow in very dry soil. If their burrows are moistened by rainfall, they leave them. These animals often burrow near anthills, so that they can be close to their food source. Pink fairy armadillo generally lives by themselves. The animals stay in their burrrows during the day and feed at night. They are remarkable diggers. Pink fairy armadillos are the smallest members of the armadillo family, measuring only about five to six inches in length. They are also the only armadillo in which the dorsal shell is almost separate from the body. Baby armadillos resemble their parents, but their shells do not completely harden until they are full grown.
License: CC BY 3.0